Bethesda Eyelid Surgeon Discusses Avoiding Lower Blepharoplasty Complications with Good Techniques

Dr. Albert Cytryn describes his approach to lower eyelid surgery that helps minimize under correction, other potential complications, and yields natural looking and long lasting outcomes. Bethesda, MD — Lower eyelid surgery, also known as lower eyelid blepharoplasty, is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to treat excess tissue, wrinkled or crepey skin, displaced fat, or hollowing of the eye socket….

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Techniques for Avoiding Potential Lower Eyelid Surgery Complications

Lower eyelid surgery—also called lower eyelid blepharoplasty—is a facial plastic surgery procedure performed to achieve a refreshed, more youthful appearance by treating redundant eyelid tissue, displaced fat, crepey skin and wrinkles, and/or hollowing under the lids. The key to successfully creating an exceptional outcome that is both natural looking and long lasting lies in the surgeon’s ability to select and…

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We are Reopening Our Practice on May 21st!

As shelter-in-place restrictions in our community begin to ease, we would like to provide you with an update on the reopening of our practice and the precautions we are taking to maintain the safest possible office environment. We are very excited to see you and we want you to be assured that your health and safety are our top priorities….

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Eye Safety Tips During the COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, Dr. Albert Cytryn and our staff at Cytryn Eyelid & Facial Plastic Surgery would like to extend our thoughts and well-wishes to all those affected by COVID-19—whether physically, financially, or emotionally. Stay strong and find hope in the progress being made in areas initially impacted, both in this country and around the globe. We will get through…

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