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Brow Lift vs. BOTOX® Brow Lift

ModelIndividuals seeking to rejuvenate their brow and forehead often wonder if brow lift surgery or a BOTOX® brow lift would be best for them. While it’s true that both treatments can help minimize signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance throughout the region, the two techniques are quite different in the degree to which they can accomplish these goals—as well as the longevity of their results.

A BOTOX® brow lift works by injecting BOTOX® Cosmetic into overactive muscles between the eyebrows and along the forehead, causing them to temporarily relax. With this relaxation, wrinkles and creases that were created by the former muscle tension effectively smooth out and become far less visible. In addition, the muscular relaxation will sometimes create a modest upward-pull on the browline, helping to slightly open up the eyes while further enhancing the rejuvenative effects of treatment. 

While a BOTOX® brow lift may be a good option for some individuals, it is important to understand that the results are temporary, typically lasting approximately 3–4 months before retreatment may be desired. Furthermore, as a non-surgical procedure, the degree of enhancement will not generally be as notable as what can be achieved through surgery, particularly for those who are older in age.

When signs of aging are more moderate or significant in nature, brow lift surgery is often the best solution for brow and forehead rejuvenation. This treatment involves the meticulous elevation and tightening of skin and underlying musculature throughout the region, as well as the careful removal of any excess tissue. In addition to treating deeper wrinkles and creases, brow lift surgery can reposition the eyebrows for improved symmetry and achieve a greater overall lift—sometimes to the point that range of vision can potentially be improved for those whose eyesight was previously obstructed by heavy, hanging skin. 

At our practice, Dr. Albert Cytryn utilizes the advanced endoscopic brow lift technique, which—although technically a surgical method—requires the use of only a few small incisions that can be concealed in the scalp (or in the brow hairs for males with full or partial balding) to limit any visible scarring. Results from the endoscopic brow lift can be remarkably natural-appearing for both women and men, and they typically last at least a decade before patients might choose to pursue a non-surgical treatment to “touch up” their look.

If you are seeking brow and forehead rejuvenation and would like to find out which option would be best for your unique needs and goals, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Cytryn today. He is happy to help!