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Why Choose an Oculoplastic Surgeon for Eyelid & Facial Surgery?

DoctorAn oculoplastic surgeon, sometimes referred to as an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, is an ophthalmologist who specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the periorbital area and surrounding regions of the face. More specifically, this type of physician focuses on resolving aesthetic, structural, and functional issues of the eyelids, ocular orbit, tear ducts, cheeks, brow, and forehead—to name a few features. 

In order to become an oculoplastic surgeon, a doctor must first complete a residency in ophthalmology—the branch of medicine devoted to diagnosing and treating eye disorders—followed by extensive Fellowship training devoted specifically to oculoplastic surgery, which deals with aesthetic and reconstructive concepts of treating eyelid and facial tissues. As a result of this advanced instruction, oculoplastic surgeons possess the clinical knowledge and abilities to blend the finesse and precision of ophthalmic surgery with the cosmetic and reconstructive principles of plastic surgery.

It is this unique anatomical understanding and surgical approach that often make oculoplastic surgeons a top choice for eyelid and facial plastic surgery. The tissues of the eyelids and face are among the most delicate in the body, so when undergoing a procedure in which they are involved—such as upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, facelift surgery, and more—you want a surgeon who has an unmatched comprehension of how to properly and precisely manipulate these structures while bringing forth optimal aesthetics.

Of course, this is not to claim all oculoplastic surgeons are better than plastic or cosmetic surgeons for eyelid and facial surgery—it depends on each doctor’s specific skills, experience, past results, and overall quality of care. That being said, when you choose an oculoplastic surgeon, you can be certain your physician has received considerable education—including rigorous Fellowship training—in the artistry and exacatitude necessary to achieve excellent outcomes on such delicate features of the body.

If you are interested in eyelid and/or facial plastic surgery, we encourage you to book a consultation with Albert Cytryn, MD to discover which treatment is right for you—or to learn more about the distinctions of oculoplastic surgeons. Dr. Cytryn has been in oculoplastic surgery practice for over 20 years, and he has the background, experience, and surgical expertise to help you achieve your goals with beautiful, natural-looking results. Contact us today!